Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today I finished these two. They were made from a pattern called Snippets by Magic Threads. They are about 9 inches tall. They are for the April craft show.

Have you noticed that I am "finishing" items??
Well, I decided that I needed to complete some of the many things I have started! Every once in a while I feel like cutting, so I cut out a LOT of things! But then I don't always get to sew them right away. This can be good and bad. Good because I have things cut out, but bad because I get behind. Now I have a show coming up and I NEED to get things done. So, out come the things that are cut out and I get busy sewing.

Well, it works for me!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Little toddlers

I finished these two on Saturday
but didn't get pictures done until today.

They are 15 inches tall and made from a SewSweet Dolls pattern by Carolee Creations. The pattern is called K. C. Muggins and Co. I have always loved this pattern.

I think they look like two little toddlers