Monday, May 16, 2011

Been busy

Sorry I haven't posted. I seen to have become VERY busy!

At my last craft show I signed up for a three day craft show in June.

Then I found out that I was accepted into a four day show in August.

So now I am sewing doll clothes like a crazy woman!!!

Remember the crochet doll?
Well she now has clothes

When I was sewing the dolls to go with the book,
I was surprised by a number of things.

The dolls can share their clothes with Beth.

And with the ten inch Ann Estelle.

And the ten inch Dora Explorer.

I love when dolls can share clothes,
but I didn't plan this. It all just happened.

So far, two sets of dolls with books
and two extra books have found homes.
Everyone seems to like them and
wants to know when (if) I am going to write another one!!

Maybe someday!


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