Saturday, July 30, 2011

A new friend

Poppy has a new (very tiny) friend

Remember, Poppy is only five inches tall.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Paprika's new friend

Meet Dusty
She is Paprika's new friend

Wake up and meet the world.

They are cute together.

This second cat was made from the same pattern as Paprika.
I just used a smaller hook. The pattern calls for stuffing pellets in the body to make them sit nicely. With Paprika, the crochet was to open and I ended up making a cloth bag to put the pellets in. With Dusty, I didn't need to make the bag. It worked out great.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Peggy Sue

Meet Peggy Sue
She was made from the basic doll pattern on the By Hook, By Hand BLOG.
I love this pattern.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A new book

When this year started, I was not able to crochet at all. Then I fell in love with the Amigurumi dolls on Beth 's blog, By Hook, By Hand. Once I taught myself to do basic crochet I went looking for other patterns. I found some really cute patterns, but they were in Japanese. I tried to figure them out, but couldn't. I was in Border's last week and I found this book-------

This book has some of the cutest stories all about this cat named Amineko.
And the pattern is included, in English!!

Meet Paprika!
He is my first, but will not be my last Amineko.

"Paprika, take off those glasses so people see your eyes!"

"Okay, now sit up!"

"Oh, now you look bored!"

This is a fun pattern.
I plan to make lots more to go with the dolls I am making.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A crochet doll

A while back I got a pattern for a crochet doll from Crafty Is Cool on Etsy. It was so cute and I thought I could figure it out. NOT!!! I made the head three times and it just would not come out round! I took the pattern to church and had a friend try it, same thing; not round.

Okay, I made a head my way! Came out great. On to the body in the pattern, that came out great also. I could not get the arms or the legs to come out the way the pattern told me to do it. I emailed Crafty Is Cool and she told me that "no one else had a problem with the pattern" .

Okay, so by now three of us (2 friends at church) can't make the pattern work.
I am new to crochet, but I thought the pattern would work out. It didn't.
I gave up and did the rest of the doll "my way"!!!
She looks nothing like the pattern, but I do like her a lot.

This is how she came out.

The good thing is, I learned how to make these wonderful curls!!!
She has more than she needs, but I had fun doing them and got carried away!

This doll is a OOAK. I don't know how to do patterns,
I just kept doing "my own thing" until she was done.