Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Helper ??

I have a little shadow who goes in and out with me!
Well,  she isn't a shadow,  but she seems to be around a lot lately!

I made this little doll on speculation but the customer wasn't sure it was what she wanted.  She sat on my cutting table for the past few days.  She has been borrowing clothes from other dolls,  and today she told me her name.  She says her name is Cinnamon and she is going to stay and be my helper.  Does she look like she is helping to you!



Minerva Webb said...

She is a major cutie!

I am sure she is trying her best to help.

Bama said...

Cinnamon is adorable! I'm sure she will make a fine assistant. You must feel cheered every time you look at her smiling face. :o)

Miranda said...

Cinnamon is a cutie. I'm glad she gets to stay and be your assistant. Any doll would be lucky to get to be a permanent resident in the Big Red House! :)

Beth said...

What a delightful little friend!


Mother Goose said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I am glad the customer decided not to take her, I love having her around. She "feels" good in my hand and to me that is important!