Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Learning a new skill

About a million years ago I learned to knit.  Well,  maybe it wasn't a million years ago,  but it was over fifty years ago!  At first I made things like scarfs,  all straight knitting. Then,  when I married;  I decided to make my new husband a sweater.  Great idea right?  NOT !!!

I worked hard on it,  hoping it would be ready for a Christmas gift. Well,  it was ready on time,  but it would have fit the Jolly Green Giant!  My husband was nice about it,  told me what a great job I did.  But I was not happy.  I wanted him to be able to wear it proudly.

After that I gave up on knitting. When my boys were little,  my mother made all their sweaters,  hats and mittens.   She is a wonderful knitter.

Then last Fall  Beth  By Hook, By Hand  posted about a little doll she knitted.  At the time I didn't have time to go and look at the link she shared.  I was busy with craft shows and the holidays.  After Christmas I went back and looked at it again.  It is adorable!  I followed the link and found Jean Greenhowe. These are some of the cutest knitted dolls I have ever seen.  So,  of course,  I had to try one.

Now remember,  I haven't knitted in over 40 years!

Here is my little one,  done just like the pattern says--------

What do you think? I love him and plan to make a lot more,  plus I have a number of the Jean Greenhowe patterns now and will make some of the other characters.



Bama said...

Very cute! I'm so jealous because I wish I could do things like this. I have always wanted to learn to knit.
Maybe I will one of these days.

Minerva Webb said...

He is really cute!

Beth said...

Adorable, Sandra! This is such a wonderful pattern. Glad to hear that you've picked up your sticks :-)