Thursday, March 1, 2012

Final finish

This is the final set of dolls for the special order.  This time the customer wanted three boys, all dressed differently.  I don't enjoy making boy dolls  (or men) so it was hard to come up with three different looks.

I have been extremely thankful for the special orders I got over the winter.  But I doubt I will ever take on so many dolls again! It became very stressful for me,  especially with so many boys to be made.  In the future I will take orders one at a time!

Now I can move on the some dolls I have had started for a while.



Debbie said...

They are really cute.

Miranda said...

For not enjoying creating boy dolls, you did a brilliant job! They're adorable (and they look like they're all ready to get into trouble and go do "boy" things). Nice work! You rock! - Miri

Alicia said...

Those little boya are beautiful!!