Saturday, May 26, 2012

Susie Scarecrow

Meet Susie Scarecrow.  She is the oldest daughter of Sam and Sally Scarecrow. She is also Sonny's twin sister. They love to do everything together.

These were made from the Scarecrow Family pattern by Jean Greenhowe. Did I mention that I love her patterns!!  Bet I did!

For now the rest of the Scarecrow family is on hold. Now that my Chemo has been tweaked enough that I don't get sick,  I need to sew for the big craft show I have in August.  Usually by this time I have totes full of things ready.  Not this year!  I really need to get busy or I will be sitting in a empty booth for four days.  Sonny and Susie will have to wait for the rest of their family to join them.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet Sonny Scarecrow

Remember when I told you that I had fallen in love with the Jean Greenhowe patterns!  Well,  this is my latest one.  This is Sonny Scarecrow.  He is the only son of Sam and Sally Scarecrow.  I absolutely love him!

He was made from the Scarecrow Family pattern.  I am working on his twin sister Susie now and plan to do the whole family.

This is the last doll for a while,  I have chemo tomorrow and then I will have at least one "down" week.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

A new little girl

Meet Faith

This little girl was made from a Carolee Creations/Sew Sweet pattern called Faith, Hope and Gracie.  I did make a few changes!  She was supposed to have bead eyes,  but I embroidered them. She was supposed to have craft fur hair,  but I like the yarn look on her.

 She has a nice long yellow pony tail.  
When I was working on her,  I kept thinking  "she looks like someone,  but who".  Then it hit me.  She looks like Edith,  The Lonely Doll.   I didn't do her that way on purpose,  but that is who she came out like.  What do you think?


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another baby doll

 Today I finished another of the Baby Squeeze-Me dolls.  Every time I finish one of these, I love them!

 This one is also on Etsy


Saturday, May 5, 2012

New baby doll

Yes,  it is really me!  The last few days have been better so I have done some sewing. I have lots of dolls cut out and decided to finish one of them.

Here she is----------

She is a Baby Squeeze-Me made from a Carolee Creations/So Sweet pattern.  This pattern is still one of my all time favorites. It was the first Carolee pattern I ever used and over the years I have made hundreds of them.  This one is on Etsy.

I want to thank those who have sent me good wishes and asked when I would be posting again.  I promise to try to do better.  I may not post every day,  but I will post more often.  Thank you all.