Thursday, June 14, 2012

A new batch of babies

Over the past three months my life has had its ups and downs.  Mostly downs!!!  When you are told you have Cancer,  things change.  People you thought were friends  turn their back on you. Family members don't  know what to say to you, so they don't bother to call.  You have no energy to do the things you love. You are tired all of the time.

BUT,  the day comes when things start to improve.  The last chemo treatment is now history. You can go out in public again without worrying about getting sick.  Your energy level starts to go back up and you start doing things you love again.

I have tried very hard not to post negative things on this BLOG.  I know I read blogs to get inspired, to laugh or to see what others love doing.  I don't read blogs about dying or illness.  It does no one any good!

Today I want to show you what I have done this week!
This is my latest batch of newborns. They are ready to be wrapped in their blankets and wait for a new home.  These baby dolls will be going to my big craft show in August.  If anyone is interested in one sooner,  just let me know.