Saturday, July 14, 2012

Monkey Babies

I finished up the monkey babies
If there are any left after my August craft show,
they will go on Etsy.

These babies are about 14 inches long. 
Sorry the pictures are not better.
My camera is broken so I used my tablet!



Miranda Ixie said...

They are so cute!!! Nice work! And your tablet pictures aren't bad at all! Thanks for sharing your monkey babies with us!

Vicki said...

Love your little monkey friends!

Rosi said...

Vaya que monisimos te han quedado, felicidades me recuerdan a los que tenemos por aquĆ­, Feliz fin de semana.


Mandy said...

Aw! So cute!

Beth said...

Sandra, they are totally adorable! I can't imagine there being any left after your show. A perfect doll for cuddling :-)


Mother Goose said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words. I just hope they sell!