Saturday, February 2, 2013

My surprise find!!!

 This is Tommy.

Tommy was made from a pattern by Carolee Creations.
He is not for sale,  he stays with me.

But I wanted to share something I found out yesterday!!!

Tommy is about eighteen inches tall,
but he has very chubby feet! 
They are perfect for him,  but they are chubby.
Because of the shape of his feet,  
it is hard to find shoes for him. 
The pattern has directions to make him some shoes,
but I have never been a fan of shoes made from felt.

Yesterday is was sitting,  chatting with a teddy bear,
I looked over at them a couple of times and then,
I realized that their feet looked the same size!!

So I tried a pair of teddy bear shoes on Tommy
and they fit perfectly!

And he can stand in them.
He loves them.

The sneakers are from the Build A Bear Workshop.

And he also got a new ball cap.
I only had to sew up the teddy bear ear holes. 

Tommy has a sister named Nancy and now she wants new shoes!
I didn't have any here to fit her, 
so she will need to go on a shipping trip.


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Serenata said...

Fabulous, isn't it great when something like this happens. Happy shoe shopping for his sister!