Sunday, May 4, 2014

Remember Raggedy Ann??

Does anyone remember Raggedy Ann?
Most children today do not know who she is!
I find that sad.

I used to make them all the time.
My grand kids were each given one
as soon as they were born.
I sold a lot of them at craft shows.
But when they stopped selling,
I stopped making them.
Until now.

I decided to make some for my big craft show in August.
If they don't sell,  then I will donate them to a children's group.
I figure I can't lose either way.



Serenata said...

Oh they are wonderful Sandra, I am sure they will sell like hotcakes. I know I would buy one!

free_to_dream said...

I have a Raggedy Ann! I LOVE her!

NancyL said...

I have a Raggedy Ann and Andy. They are packed away. I need to find them and put them on display.