Monday, September 22, 2014

My "Annie Loves" collection

Meet Annie. 
This is my newest collection of cloth dolls called "Annie Loves". 
Each doll in the collection is about 16 inches long. 
Each doll in this collection was made from a vintage pattern by Joan Russell called Annie. 
The dolls are all made from unbleached muslin and filled with fiberfil 
and will have different hair and eye color. 
Each one will come dressed differently. 
There will be extra clothes available to buy separately and 
all of the clothes will fit all of the dolls.
 I will also take special orders for clothes for these dolls.

These are the first two.
Annie Loves Pink Elephants
Annie Loves Halloween
They are both on Etsy

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cute baby dolls

When I do a craft show,
I love swapping with other craft vendors.

 I got these two baby dolls at my last show.

The maker is Caron Collectibles

I have two more babies she has made.
They are even smaller that these two!

I also have some of her other "creatures"
I will try to get good picture of them soon.

I love them all.