Thursday, February 25, 2016

Looking like family

Most of you know that I love to make cloth dolls. But I am NOT a cloth doll designer. 
There are hundreds and hundreds of cloth doll designers out in the world. 
 I think it is silly for me to try to design a doll.
 I think it is better to support the designers!

Some one recently told me that my dolls all look alike. 
 Not as in exactly alike, as in twins.   But they have a "family" resemblance! 
 I had heard that each of us put part of ourselves into each doll we make. 
 This may be why my cloth dolls all look like they are part of a family.

What do you think? Do my cloth dolls all look alike?


 From a Carolee pattern

From a Rainie Crawford pattern

From an old McCall's pattern

From a Morrissey pattern 

From a Dinky Baby pattern


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A new project

A couple of weeks ago I was "talking" with a friend. 
We were discussing how many patterns we had for cloth dolls. 
We decided that we needed to start making the dolls or we may never get to it! 
 After all I am 70 years old!

So I decided to start making the dolls up. 
 I plan to make at least 2 of every pattern I own!
 I have also promised myself that I would NOT buy any more patterns until 
I have made all of the ones I already own. 
 Now you have to understand, even without buy one more pattern; it is going to take me years and years to make all of the dolls. I have hundreds and hundreds of patterns, magazines and books.

So, here are the first two dolls.
These two were made from a Dinky Baby pattern called Tommer. 


Monday, February 15, 2016

Batches of rag dolls

I have been busy,  but no time to post here
I am so sorry.  I will try to do better.

Here is a batch of rag dolls I finished up.

I made these for an upcoming craft show.