Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A new project

A couple of weeks ago I was "talking" with a friend. 
We were discussing how many patterns we had for cloth dolls. 
We decided that we needed to start making the dolls or we may never get to it! 
 After all I am 70 years old!

So I decided to start making the dolls up. 
 I plan to make at least 2 of every pattern I own!
 I have also promised myself that I would NOT buy any more patterns until 
I have made all of the ones I already own. 
 Now you have to understand, even without buy one more pattern; it is going to take me years and years to make all of the dolls. I have hundreds and hundreds of patterns, magazines and books.

So, here are the first two dolls.
These two were made from a Dinky Baby pattern called Tommer. 



Beth said...

An amazing and ambitious project, Sandra :-) I am looking forward to seeing an army of wonderful dolls!



Kat said...

What a great project, and challenge! I love dolls and I too have some (two or three, not hundreds, lol) of patterns that I've never tried because I have a love hate relationship with my sewing machine (love the idea, hate actually using it, lol). I look forward to seeing all of your cute creations. These are darling.