Monday, June 27, 2016

And they danced all night

Felt mice about six inches tall
If anyone is interested,  let me know.

They were made from a book by Sue Quinn


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pattern review

I don't normally do pattern reviews. 
But I am still working my way through my large pattern collection. 
I found two patterns called Lil Annie/Little Annie.
Both are copyright 1975 by Carolee Creations. 
They were similar,  but different so I decided to do this review.

Here is the first one I did. 
Her pattern was printed on pink paper and says Little Annie.
The pattern said she would be 12 inches.  
I used as close as I could to what the pattern called for.
She measures about 11 inches.

She was made from muslin.
I did not have fuzzy yarn,  so I used regualr brown yarn.

The two changes I did make was---
1.  I used red ribbon instead of grosgrain
2.   I did not have cluney lace,  so I used eyelet

Everything else was the same.
This pattern went together very well
and I was pleased with how the doll came out. 


This was the second one I made.  
Her pattern was printed on white paper and says Lil Annie.
Her pattern also said she would be 12 inches,  
but she is only a little over 10 inches.
For most of this doll,  I used what the pattern said to use.
Exceptions are noted below.

The pattern called for pink fabric,  I used poly/cotton.
The picture showed green stripes,  but I didn't have any.
I used black stripes.
The head pieces did not fit together right.

In the instructions it said to sew a row 
of red ricrac around the top of the lace.
But no ricrac was listed in the materials list.
That was confusing to me since the doll was pictured in pink.

The picture also showed bright pink pin dots.
I didn't have any,  so I used red.
And again  I use eyelet instead of lace.

The mop cap was made the same as the other doll.
But then there was a tabard.
I have made them many times,  but the instructions
for this did not make sense to me.
It said to make just the front and then sew it to the front of the dress.
I finally gave up and made the tabard like I always do.  
Normally I would not add lace to the neck edge,  
but the picture showed it,  so I did.
I think it is to much for this small doll.


 Here are both of the dolls together.  
You can see the one in red is chubbier and shorter.


It appears that the patterns are still available on 
Carolee Creations web site and etsy site.
My advice is to get the one in the blue.
It is much easier and much cuter.

This review was done completely from my own view.