Friday, August 26, 2016


A glimpse of a slight movement just at the edge of the woods.
Are the children playing out there?
Or are there animals moving through the grass.
A opossum was seen a while back
and a beautiful gray fox just last week.

Each morning as I fill the bird feeders I watch.
I wonder what  (or who) could be living in the woods.
Maybe over time we will find out.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time for a change

This has been a year of change
Some of it was bad,  but most of it was good.

I turned 70 this year.
I am not sure yet if that was good or bad.
It is good that I am still here,
but bad since it brought many more aches and pains!
But it did get me thinking.
There are things I would like to do 
and if I don't do them soon,  it will be to late,

That said,  I have decided to change this blog.
I was using it to show off the things I wanted to sell.
Although cloth dolls do not sell like they used to
I still have a desire to make them.
So this will become a place to share my playtime.
I still enjoy playing with my dolls and taking pictures of them.
 In the coming days you will meet more of my doll family.
I hope you like what you see!!!