Saturday, September 24, 2016

A sweet tooth!!

 Nanny,  "My goodness girls.  Why are you yelling?
And what did you do to the kitchen?
How did these things get spilled?"

Tella,  "We didn't do this.  We found it this way."

Tella,   "We came in here and we saw-----" 

Nanny,   "I think I understand.  The boys must be behind this."

Cinnamon,   "No Nanny,  it was a-------------"

 Nanny,  "Please bring me the trash basket.
And girls,  please tell Tony and Michael that I need them in the kitchen."

 Cinnamon,  "But Nanny they didn't do it."

Nanny,  "Please tell them and I will deal with it."

 Nanny,  "Now boys,  what do you have to say about this mess?"

 Tony,   "Nanny,  we didn't do it.  I promise."

Nanny,  "Well you are going to help me clean it up."

Nanny,  "Thank you for helping.  
Now would you like to tell me what happened here?"

 Michael looked at Tony

 Tony looked at Michael

 Tony and Michael together said

"We think it was Parker.  
He has a sweet tooth."

Nanny,  "And just who is Parker??"


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