Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bed from a box

I think any of us who like tangerines will recognize this box.
I know I have had a lot of them over time.

Each time I emptied one of them,
I wondered what they could be used for.
Then one day I decided that they look sort of like a bed!

So I painted them.

And because the writing showed through
I cover them with scrap book paper.

I covered the bottom with felt

I made a mattress for each one

Each one got a quilt and a pillow with a pillow case.

Today I moved them into the girls room.

Yellow for Honey Buns.

 Red for Cinnamon.

The girls loved them,  but they decided that
they needed new pajamas to go with their new beds!
I told them that they needed to talk to Hermoine.
She had a new sewing machine.
Now we wait to see how that goes!!



Beth said...

Yes!!!! I love this, Sandra; and any little girl would be delighted with this bed for her favorite doll...I know I would :-) It is such a kick to use something that is generally thrown away, and turn it into such a treasure.



Jackie Corace said...

Very cute! Love the little beds.